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cbd oil bottle concept packaging leaning on a box that reads "Balance Oil 15" on purple background

Like all of our ingestible products, we recommend a low and slow approach to dosage. While you’re discovering how much works for you, moderate your dose and observe its effects. Everyone’s different, and what works for someone else might not be exactly right for you. 

Our Balance Oil 15 is available in a 15:15 THC to CBD ratio and delivers 15mg/ml THC and 15 mg/ml CBD per bottle. It’s packaged in a recyclable amber glass to protect the oil from UV and comes with a precise, easy-to-dose syringe. Look for it at stockists here.

syringe with oil dripping from the end on a purple background

It’s the best of both worlds. Our Balance Oil 15 offers you the benefits of both cannabinoids, THC blended with equal parts of the sought-after qualities of CBD. With a syringe that makes dosing easy, precise, and safe.

Our all-natural, Balance Oil 15 features just two ingredients: equal and potent THC and CBD distillate extract blended with pure coconut MCT oil and nothing else.  No alternative botanical ingredients, no flavouring agents, no thinning agents, no palm oil – for a pure experience from start to finish.

Balance Oil 15 is simple to use. Typically, you’ll ingest it by putting the oil under your tongue, holding it there for a moment, and then swallowing. You can increase or decrease your dose as needed. You can also add Balance Oil 15 to most cooking oils but be mindful of your cooking temperature, as higher temperatures can “cook out” its potency. When it comes to beverages, ingestible oils are not water soluble, so it is probably easiest to use in a blended beverage, such as a smoothie.  

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Studio A-OK is a cannabis accessories brand and creative studio based in Vancouver, BC. Founded and operated out of a city known around the world for its weed culture, the creators birthed Studio A-OK to tell the stories of their lives and the people around them. Through their products, collaborations, and studio projects, they take you to the kooky corners of planet Earth, while humbly following in the footsteps of the heads, hippies, and freaks that came before them.

All artwork for this collection is created by artist Hugo Bernier for Studio A-OK, whose designs tell the story of our signature strain, D. Bubba. “The vintage French chore coat features ponderous letters that spell out the words ‘D. Bubba’. The characters, meant to look as if they were carved from stone, sit low in the grass, heavy as the strain hits.” says Hugo, “The rest of the artworks—a snoozing caterpillar on a work boot, a tractor, a work shirt–inspired name badge—give a nod to either the physical effects of D. Bubba or the farming of the weed itself.”

“There’s such a rich history of culture within the cannabis space. From political cartoons, to all the artwork from the 60s and 70s, to the graphic design and the art in the High Times magazines from the 70s and the 80s, to counterculture books. It’s all so powerful, there’s such a rich history to play off of.”

RJ Hunt, Founder of Studio A-OK

“Spotlighting the community, artists, culture, and the people around us is the most important thing,” says Studio A-OK founder, RJ Hunt. “We are firm believers in supporting interesting people doing interesting things. The more people doing that, the whole world wins.”

About the Strain 

A Vancouver original, D. Bubba (commonly called “Death Bubba”) is a very popular strain with a long history in the legacy market in BC. We continue to grow this strain today in the province’s sunny Fraser Valley. Deeply pungent, it was created in 2012 from Death Star and Bubba Kush as a 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid. D. Bubba is a pleasure to raise because it looks so good—it’s quick to grow, with strong, frosty leaves and an intensely earthy and sweetly gassy aroma tinged with creamy coffee.

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Collection available to purchase on May 6th.